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CCG and ICS leaders have launched a period of engagement to gather views on future arrangements for NHS commissioning in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West. This first stage of engagement, which will help inform CCG Governing Body decisions about next steps, was launched on 10th October and will continue to 1st December 2019.


To support the engagement process, an engagement document has been produced which outlines proposals for two new ways of working:

  • Local working in each of the three counties through Integrated Care Partnerships
  • Wider, at-scale working across the three countries through an Integrated Care System


The three CCGs in the BOB area are already working together to jointly commission some services, such as 999 and 111, and take single joint decisions on behalf of the whole population, where appropriate.


They are now beginning work to set up a further two commissioning boards in addition to the existing BOB Primary Care Board. One board would be for services that are commissioned across all the CCGs in BOB, such as ambulance services, and the other for specialised commissioning. This move would further enhance joint working and bring the number of commissioning boards working across the ICS to three. All three commissioning boards would work across the ICS but continue to report to the CCG Governing Bodies


As these new ways of working become more established, the engagement document aims to describe why the management and structure of the existing organisations needs to change and how it could help support all partners to work in a more efficient way which will benefit the local population.


Views are welcome on the proposals by midnight 1st December 2019.


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